• willow-run

    The Column of Figures: Data and Monumentality (2014)

    Available online: www.data-monumentality.net

  • 2010-TB-GrainsofGold

    Grains of Gold in All This Shit: Web 2.0, Crowdsourcing, and Participatory Art (2010)

    Masters dissertation on art and the internet in the post Net.art world – Download PDF [7.12MB]

  • 2007-TB-derive

    From the Urban Dérive to the Internet Dérive: Deterritorialized Capitalism in the Guise of a Digital Utopia (2007)

    Undergraduate dissertation on the Net.Art movement of the 1990s, in context of Situationist International, Deleuze and Guattari, and others – Download PDF [3.15MB]

  • 2009-TB-changing

    Exploration of Changing Urban Space (2009)

    The work of Gordon Matta-Clark, Elmgreen & Dragset, Laura Oldfield Ford, and Emily Richardson in the context of gentrification – Download PDF [4.16MB]

  • 2008-TB-psycho

    Psychogeographic Mapping Through Film: Chantel Akerman’s News From Home and Patrick Keiller’s London (2008)
    Download PDF [5.29MB]

  • 2007-TB-woodlawn

    Visualizing Urban Decay: The Demolition of the 63rd St “L” in Woodlawn, Chicago (2007)

    Looking at urban aesthetics, perception and urban change in Chicago – Download PDF [20.57MB]

  • 2009-TB-adorno

    Manifest Politics: Adorno’s Commitment and Politics in Contemporary Practices (2009)

    A paper on the work of Bob & Roberta Smith, MediaShed/ Mongrel, and Katie Paterson in the context of Adorno – Download PDF [9.29MB]

  • 2005-TB-challenging

    Challenging The Authority of The Physical: Internet Art in Exhibition (2005)

    Download PDF [568KB]

  • 2005-TB-curating

    Curating in the Rhizome: The Role of the Curator in Web-based Activist Art (2005)

    Download PDF [916KB]




Amanda Wasielewski is an American artist living and working in New York City.

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the CUNY Graduate Center and am an adjunct professor at Lehman College teaching Intro to Modern Art. I have spent the last decade living in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, New York and Stockholm (in roughly that order). I received a stipend and residence from 2010-2012 at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. Most of my art education took place in London, at Goldsmiths College  (for a year as an undergraduate, in addition to time studying both chemistry and art at Northwestern University) and then at the Slade School of Fine Art for my Masters degree.

Noteworthy achievements include commission of new work, This Invisible Place, for exhibition at De Hallen Museum in Haarlem, nomination for Workspace 11 commission at Filmhuis in Den Haag, selection of Supervision: Wawina, MN for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009 exhibition, shortlist selection for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2011, and award of the Chelsea Arts Club Special Projects Award.

Most of my recent work broadly deals with the relationship between humans and their tools. This has led me to explore various systems, technologies, codes and languages; maps, economic theories, transport structures and utopian architecture; city spaces, obsolete media and niche subcultures.

CV (pdf)
Artist Statement (pdf)



Abstract Modem

De Ateliers – www.de-ateliers.nl


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